ca • reared

  1. reared to pursue a career as a primary objective in life.
  2. duped or screwed by a career, or by the pursuit of a career.

About critically explores career myths and ideals. It evaluates those social factors such as schooling, popular culture, and financial pressures that rear individuals to pursue careers. Many of these influences attract people to careers promising fulfillment or happiness, but the high expectations they create are often met with disappointing realities in the workplace. The result is a feeling of being trapped, whether on account of financial reasons, because it’s too late or difficult to change, or because of fear of change. These people have been careared.

I created this website after having navigated out of my own career trap as a lawyer —- a profession that is both respected and lucrative, yet plagued by high rates of attrition and job dissatisfaction —- in hopes that the lessons I’ve learned may prevent others from making similar mistakes. While the information I share is often drawn from my own experience, I have chosen to remain anonymous out of respect for the people with whom I worked and for reasons of personal privacy.