ca • reared

  1. reared to pursue a career as a primary objective in life.
  2. duped or screwed by a career, or by the pursuit of a career.


  • , “Women can’t!”She said, “Anyone can!”She planted seven sidelengs,So it began.Wangari Maathaistarted going round,Teaching girls and womenTo plant trees in the ground.“Who says women can’t?”She said. “Anyone can.”They planted seeds and sidelengsIn the dry Kenyan land.Village by village those sidelengs grew,And the branches spread, and green leaves too.And there were more and more trees, more nuts and fruits,More soil in the shelter of more and more roots.And the water that would’ve run away stayed.And the tree frogs chattered, and the children played.While the trees stretched out their cool green shadeFrom village to village in one decade.What a belt Wangari and her women made:,All across Kenya and then way beyond –All round the world people carried it on.Wangari Maathai,we’re down on our knees.The best way to thank you,Is planting more trees.Green belts of forestAcross every land,If they say, “People can’t,”We’ll say, “People can!”Women of Kenya,You lift your gaze highTo green leaves a waving,Way up in the sky.Young girls of Kenya,We sing praise to you.If they say, “People can’t,”We’ll say, Look – People do!” -Robert Priest

    TakeshiAugust 21st, 2012

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