ca • reared

  1. reared to pursue a career as a primary objective in life.
  2. duped or screwed by a career, or by the pursuit of a career.


  • Lots of people are positively impacted by debt until they have to actually repay it. It’s fun to spend and spend and spend and spend.

    Remember, the demand for credit is infinite. It’s the supply that’s constrained.

    It’s analogous to a party drug. It’s lots of fun. Until it isn’t.

    JPJune 8th, 2011
  • Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wilesy.

    StormJune 22nd, 2011
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    veisbqvswJune 25th, 2011
  • This indicates that you’ll then have to risrbumee only 30 percent of the debt to the creditor. The negotiator will also threaten the creditor that since you are unemployed, you’ll be left with no other option but to go into bankruptcy in case the deal is denied by the creditor. This is how unemployment will have an effect on your debt settlement.

    GiovanniAugust 20th, 2012

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