ca • reared

  1. reared to pursue a career as a primary objective in life.
  2. duped or screwed by a career, or by the pursuit of a career.


06-21-2011What Do You Do?
05-13-2011Memo to HR: We are Not Family
04-27-2011The Career Tipping Point
04-13-2011What Have You Been Up To?
04-01-2011On Seeing For Yourself
02-25-2011Ending the Pity Party
02-10-2011Appreciating Simplicity
01-26-2011When Choosing a Career, the Devil is in the Details
01-19-2011Feeling the Career Brain Drain
01-11-2011The Interview Wining and Dining Facade: A Sociological Experience
01-03-2011The Sunday Dread
12-16-2010Further Thoughts on Sucking at Law
12-15-2010Keeping Time in Perspective
12-08-2010Common-Sense Skills for Managers
11-30-2010Higher Education: Buy Now, Pay Later
11-15-2010Name Recognition
11-11-2010It’s Okay To Say No
10-27-2010Feeling the Career Brain Drain
10-18-2010The Affluence Influence
10-11-2010Getting Trapped “Inside the Box”
10-11-2010A Career Cannot Provide Happiness


06-08-2011Is Increased Debt Inflating The Self-Esteem Of Recent Grads?
05-24-2011At Well-Paying Law Firms, a Low-Paid Corner
05-18-2011Law Firm Code Speak
05-14-2011If Your Job Makes You Miserable, Focus on What Would Happen if You Changed
04-18-2011Buying an Education or Buying a Brand?
04-15-2011Great Site: But I Do Have A Law Degree
04-12-2011Peter Thiel on the Higher Education Bubble
04-11-2011How to Hate Your Job (or 16 Things Not to Do)
04-07-2011Why I Run a Flat Company
03-24-2011Not Horrible
03-18-2011Friday Inspiration: Winging It
03-15-2011Trying to Recruit Gen Y Lawyers? Focus on Innovation and Lifestyle Rather than Tradition
03-10-2011Prospective Law Students Have a Role in Law School Reform
02-14-2011Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College?
02-04-2011“Better-Faster-Cheaper” Work Model for Lawyers Has Led to Burnout
01-29-2011Find Time for Your Personal Life and Get a Handle on Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule
01-28-2011Eight Reasons College Tuition is the Next Bubble to Burst
01-24-2011Dark Lords of Student Loan Debt
01-20-2011Finding the Elusive Work-Life Balance
01-17-2011Law School Deception, From the Perspective of an Insider
01-10-2011Is Law School a Losing Game?
01-07-2011Anger Works
01-05-2011Sometimes You Need A Good Cry
01-03-2011Dutch Businesses Embrace Part-Time Work
12-28-2010For Most, A College Education is a Big Money-Making Scam
12-20-2010Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost?
12-20-2010Women Can’t Have It All
12-17-201025 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College
12-15-2010I Suck At Law Too!
12-14-2010Technology Has Turned Us Into “Pancake People”
12-13-2010Rethinking the “Go to College, Get Good Grades and Then Get a Job” Paradigm
12-09-2010Placing the Blame as Students are Buried in Debt
12-09-2010Imprisoned by the Privilege of Education
12-06-2010Don’t Choose a Career to Please Others
12-06-2010Job-Hopping: A Double-Sided Coin
12-04-2010So You Want To Go To Law School?
12-04-2010Telecommuting May Contribute to Employee Happiness
12-03-2010Considering Going Back To School?
12-02-2010Is a New Career at the Top of Your Christmas List?
12-01-2010Schools Are Churning Out The Unemployable
11-30-2010The Top 20 “Career Truths”
11-29-2010The Top Ten Universities for Student Debt
11-24-2010Taking Time Off After High School: A Win For Young People
11-19-2010Are We Moving Towards The 4.0 Career?
11-18-2010Women With High-Stress Jobs Are 40% More Likely to Suffer From Heart Disease
11-18-2010Number of Women Attorneys In Big Law Firms Hits a Five-Year Low
11-15-2010A Money-Back Guarantee? Give Me A Break.
11-12-2010Career Angst In Poetic Form
11-12-2010Does This Sound Like Your Boss?
11-10-2010Forget Happiness: We Must Teach Our Daughters Ambition
11-10-2010Career Fulfillment Isn’t Something You Find, It’s Something You Create
11-09-2010A Revolutionary Idea: Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have
10-29-2010Is Graduate School A Good Investment?
10-21-2010Five Ways to End Up With a Career You Hate
10-21-2010What Do You Regret?, Asks the NYT
10-20-2010“Luxury” Schools Aren’t Worth the Expense
10-18-2010Feeling Frustrated? Take a Risk.
10-15-2010Off-Ramping from the Career Track


04-07-2011Why I Run a Flat Company


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